Continuous business development, through competitiveness and growth, is vital to ensuring the long-term success of the company and further increasing its value. CEOs often struggle with day-to-day operational issues and an outside perspective can help them take strategic actions. Identifying the best growth opportunities for the company and implementing them in a timely manner will ensure increasing shareholder value. Furthermore, in tough economic times, even successful companies may require a strategic re-evaluation of their business and financing. The potential for growth should be seen through organic operations as well as mergers and acquisitions.

accelerating growth


Novugo provides companies with concrete growth acceleration projects, strategic re-evaluation and business restructuring plans to meet customer needs. Novugo's experienced experts also offer longer project-based resourcing when the company needs to ensure operational efficiency or growth through practical operational management. We are also ready to assist with M&A, both as experts and as investors, and our fee can be linked to the results achieved together. Our passion is to succeed in our practical work so that we can sustainably improve our clients' business, grow and add value.

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accelerating growth


Our extensive experience in various industries, strategic change situations, operational management, and financial and corporate restructuring provides a solid foundation for our operations and consultancy in client projects. Growth always requires changes: we design, implement and measure the essential set of actions together with the executive management to achieve profitable growth. Projects start by gathering internal and external information relevant to the growth of a company, and consequently through our analysis, we develop an action plan with company management to deliver growth. Moreover, employee engagement is essential to ensure the sustainability of change. In our projects, we approach customer needs with concrete and measurable actions. Novugo's network has been built around proven experts also internationally. Thus, the challenges of international growth, in terms of language and culture, can also be successfully tackled.

accelerating growth

To Whom

Continuous business development is primarily the responsibility of the company's owners, the Board of Directors and senior management. Novugo provides value by adding a way of acquiring outside expertise to develop the business in a sustainable manner. Growth might first require a critical assessment of the current state and the company’s turnaround to subsequently build growth on sound business operations, balance sheet and cash flow. Launching major change projects requires bold decisions and questioning the company’s existing operations.

Our clients are:
Nordic entrepreneurial SMEs
Private equity
Family offices
Financial institutions. 

Novugo Team

Mikko Kilpeläinen Novugo

Mikko Kilpeläinen

CFO and CEO experience 
15+ years
change management, growth

+ 358 50 542 5884

Sami Leinonen Novugo

Sami Leinonen

Business Director and CEO experience 15+ years
Change management, operations and continuous improvement

+ 46 72 539 7600

Antti Kemppainen Novugo

Antti Kemppainen

Investment Bank Experience 20+ years
Financial management, mergers and acquisitions and financing

+ 358 40 707 2700